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“Finis Coronat Opus”

Preserving the Past

Restore the beauty and charm of that quality Old-World craftsmanship

Hannah in Art Studio

“An art restorer comes to feel an intimate term with the creator artist of the work on which he or she labours. It's a huge responsibility that I take very seriously not changing the original concept of the artist.” 

- Hanna

Fine Art Restorations: Art Restoration, Conservation and Repair in the GTA

In the fast, ever-changing acceleration of technological advances when hand work is slowly diminishing, it is more important than ever before to preserve our past and heritage. Luckily, art restoration and conservation work can still not be replaced by machines and electrical gadgets. At Franciscy’s Fine Art Restorations in North York, we use the new technology as tools in our research and for cleaning and restoration of oil paintings, acrylics, water colours, art on paper, photographs, frames, sculptures, antiques, porcelain and ceramic repair, gold leafing and custom framing. The actual work is still done by our skillful hands and all restorations are completed on premises.

Antiques, art objects, paintings, and other valuable pieces are found in many homes. Proper maintenance, cleaning, and preservation of these valuables require expert professional care.

This is called ‘Preventative Conservation’. Atmospheric grime, humidity, temperature changes, and lighting have an impact on paintings. Preventative conservation is vital for the preservation of artwork.

Proper framing of etchings, lithographs, woodcuts with acid free archival material is also very important.

Art is always a valuable investment and also a part of our heritage to pass it on to the next generation.

Franciscy Art Restorations Inc. has been offering preventative conservation and fine art restoration services since 1981 in North York at the same location.

Letter from Trudeau

Trusted Art Restorations for over 40 Years

Fine Art Restorations has been playing a significant role in Canadian fine art preservation and restoration in the GTA for over 40 years. Our knowledge of antiques has been trusted by prominent figures such as the late Pierre Trudeau, Senator Keith Davey, the Joseph Brant Museum and the Government of Ontario. We have also been recognized by The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Conservation and Restoration to Preserve the Past

In these complex times dominated by technology, we have few things that remind us of the innocence of past eras. Over time, atmospheric grime and dirt accumulates on paintings, and they must be cleaned. We carefully handle the conservation, cleaning and restoration of all pieces, including:

valley painting
  • Oil paintings

  • Acrylics

  • Water colours

  • Art on paper

  • Gold Leafing

  • Paintings

  • Frames

  • Sculptures

  • Ceramics

  • Inuit art

  • Photographs

  • Antiques

  • Porcelain

Industry-Recognized Expertise

Our experience and expertise is very well-recognized among art collectors and throughout the art community. We have worked on pieces by English painters John Constable and John Linnell, as well as Canadian artist Frank Leonard Brooks and Group of Seven painter Frank Johnston, amongst many others. We treat all our work with exceptional skill and care. All work is done at our studio located at 209 Sheppard Ave. East, between Yonge Street and Bayview Avenue.

Old Photographs: Links to Your Past

The memories and history preserved in a photograph can be irreplaceable to an individual, a family or a whole community. But these precious memories can degrade over time. Don’t risk losing touch with your history. At Fine Art Restorations, we work on photographs, so you can preserve your family’s past.

family portrait recoloured
custom frames

Beautiful Frames to Complement Masterpieces

For custom framing work, we offer a large selection of hand-crafted frames from Italy and Spain and use the highest quality materials to ensure the protection of the artwork. We have framed everything from simple posters to exquisite limited-edition artist’s proof prints by Matisse, Chagall and Picasso.


Bring Your Pieces in for an Assessment

If you have a piece that you would like to have assessed, please bring it to our studio. We want to give your cherished heirloom the best treatment possible. To do this, we need to see pieces in person in order to properly assess condition and pricing. Call us today for more information.

Art Restoration Specialists

We’ve worked on paintings, frames, art on paper, sculptures, carvings, ceramics, photographs, antiques, porcelain and more

Well-trusted for over 40 Years

Find out what satisfied clients have said about our restoration work

Easily Accessible Art Studio

You can find us on Sheppard Ave. East between Yonge and Bayview (across from RONA)

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